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Tammy Stephens

Speech Pathologist

Tammy is an experienced Speech Pathologist who has a passion for effective communication and practical skill development.


Tammy works with paediatric communication (language, sound and listening) skill development as well as children who are having difficulty with their feeding.


Trained in parent-child interaction therapy (PCI), Hanen - it takes two to talk (early language development program) as well as feeding and fluency (stuttering); all your childs needs can be met.


Tammy has broad experience with adult clients who have had a neurological event (stroke or accident). She is trained in the provision of LSVT therapy (a program for individuals with Parkinson's disease); a new treatment with excellent lasting results.


Extensive experience has been gained through working in Victoria, Tasmania and the UK, her diverse skills across the lifespan can be clearly demonstrated through discussion and therapy sessions.

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