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Speech Pathology Information Sheet


You have referred your child for a Speech Pathology Assessment. Following is some information details regarding our service.

Initial Appointment

When you refer you will be offered an initial appointment time.


Before your initial Appointment

You may choose to see your local GP to see whether your child is eligible for an enhanced primary care plan (EPC); this plan allows you to claim a rebate from medicare on a predetermined number of therapy sessions.


Your GP is the only one who can determine eligibility and request this plan.


What to bring to your initial appointment

Any information regarding your child e.g., previous assessments that have been completed (Speech Pathology, OT or Paediatrician). If you have seen a Speech Pathologist before please bring along any resources you have been provided with (so that previous goals can be identified).


If you have not seen a Speech Pathologist before just bring yourself and your child!


If you or your child are unwell or unable to attend your appointment please phone or text to let us know that you are not coming in.



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